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Twitter Abuse aimed at Mark Gatiss


Ian Hallard has just posted this on twitter in response to some unkind tweets aimed at Mark. My aim in posting this isn’t to call anybody out (and please please don’t harangue the tweeters) but to point out that after a week in which twitter abuse has been in the headlines it’s worth remembering that if you’re tweeting “OMG I hate you, you make me cry. You’re a dick" type comments to him even if you’re joking that’s abuse plain and simple. 

Frankly I’m astonished Mark is still on twitter and I’ll be a little amazed if he lasts up until the new series airs but it would be extremely disappointing if he leaves twitter because of fan tweets as we’ll get labelled as the fandom that hounded one of its creators off twitter. If you wouldn’t be prepared to say it to his face don’t tweet it at him…

… Mark receives many swearing, abusive tweets from Sherlock fans and he’s fed up with it. He doesn’t care whether it’s supposed to be sarcastic or a joke. It’s tedious and rude and he doesn’t find it funny. Please spread the word amongst the rest of the fans and get them to think twice. If it’s not something they would say to his face, the chances are they shouldn’t tweet it to him. You may only be young, but it’s no excuse for this kind of bad manners.











dear sherlock fandom,

no one besides you actually gives a shit how long you’ve been waiting for season 3.

everyone else






We care!

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Sincerely, the Whovians.  

Avengers fandom has your back too.

 (Hardcore stare down of disrespectful tumblr user)image

Supernatural is always here for the Sherlock Fandom! 


The Hetalians are here for you too!!


I love Tumblr


DC Fandom has your back

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You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You and the stranger both like Johnlock.

Stranger: John? -SH

You: Sherlock?-JW

Stranger: Yes, yes, come home. -SH

Stranger: While you're out, pick up some milk. -SH

You: I cant-JW

Stranger: Why? I need you here. -SH

You: And the crown needs me in Afganistan-JW

Stranger: Too. Damn. BAD. John, come home. Where are you, anyway? -SH

You: At the base, sherlock I'll try-JW

You: And you better not leave the milk out this time-JW

Stranger: I've sent Mycroft to fetch you. -SH

You: Then I'll be seeing you soon-JW

You: With the dairy in hand-JW

Stranger: Good. Now hurry. -SH

Stranger: Sherlock sighed, plucking a few vicious chords on his violin before collapsing onto the couch in distaste. Why couldn't John get here any faster?

You: "Sherlock you better have needed that milk...very badly" John was still in his uniform and damp with rain but he was there and not headed thousands of miles from the other thankfully due to Mycroft.

Stranger: "John." Sherlock's body crashes into John's making the milk carton drop to the floor. The consulting detective threw his arms around John's neck, taking a moment to just take him in: the smell of his skin, the feel of his body, the way John's heart was fluttering even though he tried to calm it.

You: "Sherlock" John stood on his toes to wrap his arms around Sherlock's neck as well, glad to be home and not in the godforsaken desert. " I couldn't leave you"

Stranger: "What would I do without my blogger?" Sherlock joked lightly, trying to disguise the catch in his voice. Since when had he gotten so sentimental, anyway?

You: " Sit here miserable all day deducing..composing sad songs and letting your health go to hell" John smiled as he caught the catch despite Sherlock's attempt to disguise it. " And what would I do without my consulting detective?"

Stranger: Sherlock grinned momentarily and pulled back to look at John's eyes. "Are you okay?" He asked, genuinely concerned.

You: " Now that I'm home yes" John's voice cracked a little, the shake in his left hand noticable as he placed it on Sherlock's shoulder.

Stranger: Sherlock let out a breath that he didn't realize he had been holding. How did John, a man of everything average, manage to make Sherlock so out-of-touch with himself so quickly? It was like...being empty. Having a break. Around John, all Sherlock could pay attention to was simply that; John's proximity, the way that John sighed after a particularly difficult day at the surgery, the type of jam John liked, the way his upper lip curled ever-so-slightly when Sherlock was able to make him laugh. John made his brain default. It was brilliant. Suddenly, Sherlock realized something that he should have ages ago.

Stranger: "John. Kiss me." He added as an afterthought.

You: John gave a sigh of relief and did just that, combing his hands through the detectives curls as he leaned into him. " Finally"

Stranger: Sherlock let out a little gasp. How could John already be ahead of him? John took advantage and lightly ran his tongue over Sherlock's lower lip, seeking admission. Sherlock slowly allowed John's tongue inside his mouth, marveling at the truly magnificent feeling of their tongues dancing together, exploring. Sherlock took John's bottom lip and began to lightly suck at it, leaving a casual nip every few moments.

You: John took the chance to let his hands wander down Sherlock's side as he let his mouth travel down the detectives pale neck, sucking slightly at the pulse of Sherlock's carotid artery. Giving the area area a casual nip he brought his mouth back up to Sherlocks to delve back inside its depths.

Stetson Sherlock person please let me know who you are…

Stetson Sherlock person please let me know who you are…

Stetson University Sherlockians who are you?

Stetson University Sherlockians who are you?

Well that was a surprise

The Watson blog was taken quite well. Going to need to fish out my old webcam though as this built in one is very grainy.

Still need questions to come in even if responses may be slightly slow.